The journal of Serbian Genetics Society GENETIKA was promoted 1969. as ACTA BIOLOGICA IUGOSLAVICA (ABI) Series F – GENETIKA. Dr. Janko Dumanović was appointed for the Editor in Chief. In 1997. The new international Editorial Committee took over editing of journal starting from Vol. 29, No.2, 1997. At same time Dr. Kosana Konstantinov was appointed as Editor in Chief. From vol. 40 the journal is publised as GENETIKA and from 2002 GENETIKA is published Online.

The GENETIKA is dedicated to genetic studies of all organisms including genetics of microorganisms, plant genetics, animal genetics, human genetics, molecular genetics, genomics, functional genomics, plant and animal breeding, population and evolutionary genetics, mutagenesis and genotoxicology and biotechnology. The journal GENETIKA publishes original papers (scientific articles, reviews, short communication) that have not been published previously. Also Journal is publishing review of books, letters to the Editor etc.

The GENETIKA is an Open Access journal and is issued 3 (three) times per year.

Papers are sent in electronic form to the e-mail adress or