dr Zorana Kurbalija Novičić

dr Jasmina Ludoški

Population and evolutionary genetics has a special place in biology science, comprising all variety of research fields, such as molecular biology, genetics, ecology, evolutionary biology, taxonomy, breeding of organisms, conservation of natural resources, human genetics, anthropology, sociology and mathematics.

Population genetics research is focused to the origin and adaptive significance of the genetic variability of natural populations of different species. Applicative research in population genetics is of significance in agriculture, environmental protection, forensic, medicine, etc.

The activities of Population and evolutionary genetics section (PEG) within The Serbian Genetic Society involve presentation and exchange of the results among different research projects performed in scientific institutions in Serbia. Different approach in research is favoured such as, molecular and microbial genetics, behavioural genetics, ecology and evolution, palaeontology, systematics, morphology, conservation genetics.

In the past decade, PEG organized several lectures of visiting internationally recognised speakers and short symposia about attractive topics.